Golfito’s sportfishing legacy traces back to Robert McGuinness, whose pioneering spirit transformed this South Pacific gem into a renowned Costa Rican fishing destination. Robert’s son, Bobby McGuinness, continues his father’s legacy, offering unparalleled fishing experiences in Golfito.

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Situated approximately 250 km from San José, Golfito boasts scenic routes and quick access via a 55-minute flight from the capital.

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Once a bustling banana port, Golfito evolved into a vibrant sportfishing hub, drawing anglers worldwide. Its strategic location, encompassing Golfo Dulce to Puerto Jiménez, offers a diverse mix of offshore and inshore fishing opportunities.

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Join Bobby McGuinness for an unmatched offshore and inshore fishing adventure. Golfito’s waters teem with a myriad of fish species, including a dozen Snapper family varieties, promising exhilarating catches for avid anglers.

Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

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Despite setbacks, Bobby McGuinness and local captains have propelled Golfito back into the spotlight as a premier fishing destination, ensuring visitors experience top-notch fishing excursions year-round.

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Golfito’s fishing season kicks off earlier than its counterparts, with Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna making early appearances by mid-November. Inshore enthusiasts can reel in Roosterfish, Snapper, Grouper, and more, making every fishing trip a memorable experience.

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