Fish for Grouper while visiting Costa Rica. Charter a boat and head out with grouper in mind.Many species of Grouper can be caught on inshore Costa Rica fishing charters. The Grouper family ranges from the small Cabrillas that are often caught when bait fishing on the rocks, to the larger Big-Eye, Yellowfin, Broomtail and finally the Goliath Grouper, which can grow to several hundred pounds.

See Which Charters Target Grouper in Costa Rica

Grouper fishing is typically done  inshore along the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica. All Grouper that anglers boat on Costa Rica fishing charters are delicious table fare. When you fish Costa Rica, you can catch them on live bait, dead bait (squid or fish), or jigs fished around rocky areas, reefs and ledges from 50 to over 400 feet deep.

A beautiful string of grouper caught of the coast of Costa Rica. Grouper fishing success stories.

Popular inshore Costa Rica fishing species

Groupers have a large, oblong body and a huge mouth, which helps them to swallow their prey. Their mouths also help them to dig into sand to create shelters among heavy rocks that are found inshore around the most popular Costa Rican sportfishing destinations. Grouper have a few teeth, but tooth plates in the pharynx are more useful for crushing food.

Grouper can weigh over 100lbs

Sport fishing Grouper around Costa RicaA common Grouper found on inshore Costa Rica sport fishing charters is the Black Grouper. Black Grouper are grey or olive in color with black blotches and spots that are brassy all over the body. They weigh an average of 40 pounds but can reach more than 100 pounds. Yellowfin Grouper (not to be confused with Yellowfin Tuna) are green, olive or bright red in color with dark spots on the entire body. Big-Eye Grouper have bulging eyes like a frog’s!

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The attractive Broomtail Grouper that many anglers who fish Costa Rica love to catch, is characterized by an overall light brown coloration, with elongated dark brown blotches on its face and sides that show a clear spot in the middle, giving them appearance of “lipstick kiss marks.” The tail fin is jagged with streamer like edges, for which the fish is named. The Broomtail Grouper reaches up to four feet in length and can grow up to 100 pounds.

Grouper can live up to 30 years

Several types of Grouper can be caught while chartering a boat in Costa RicaThe larger Grouper caught on Costa Rica fishing vacations are found in deeper water and feed on squid and other bottom fish. Their sizes and weight vary from type to type. Their average life span is up to 30 years.

Grouper are carnivorous. They prey on other smaller Costa Rica fishing species like Snapper, Parrotfish and Skipjack, as well as on octopus, crustaceans, lobster, crab and even Sharks! Young Groupers usually eat zoo plankton, algae and other tiny organisms. Some Grouper are active predators, while others are more into ambushing their prey.

Gouper undergo a sex change

Here is something really interesting about all of the Grouper family: as they grow old, the females undergo a sex change and transform into males.

Costa Rica Charters for Grouper

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