Fish for huge roosterfish while in Costa Rica
Roosterfish – Sportfishing in Costa Rica


‘If I fish Costa Rica inshore, will I be able to catch a Roosterfish?’ is one of the most frequent questions potential visitors ask. The answer is yes. Saltwater sportfishing enthusiasts come to Costa Rica from all corners of the world, from as far away as Australia, Lithuania, Russia and Uruguay, for instance, for the chance to hook, fight and then release one of these tough inshore gamefish. Costa Rica is simply one of the world’s top Roosterfish destinations.

See Which Charters Target Roosterfish in Costa Rica

Exciting Costa Rican sportfishing species

One of the most exciting fish to catch in Costa Rica is the roosterfish.
an exciting sport fish

Pound for pound, Roosterfish are one of the most exciting inshore species Costa Rican sport fishing has to offer. Roosterfish are tough buggers, and one of any size will give you a fierce fight before you are able to boat and release it.

Named for its comb-like, seven-spined dorsal fin, zebra-striped body and iridescent hue, Roosterfish are found year round in the inland waters along the entire Pacific coastline. They can reach weights in excess of 100lbs, but the average is 12-25lbs.

Roosterfish inhabit many areas

Charter a boat and head out with roosterfish in mind.Many think that to catch Roosterfish you have to fish dangerously close to the surf along the beaches, but they can also be taken in open water, and have surprised anglers fishing for Snapper relatively far from shore as well. Anglers who fish Costa Rica will find Roosterfish in as little as five feet of water along shorelines and beaches, and at depths of 150 feet around deep reefs.

The most common methods recommended for fishing Costa Rica for Roosterfish is slow trolling live bait such as Threadfin Herring, Rainbow Runners, Sardines, Blue Runners and Mullet, although they can be caught bottom fishing and casting surface bait.

Fish Costa Rica for Roosterfish on the fly

Fishing for roosterfish is a one of a kind experience, charter a boat and find out for yourself while in Costa Rica.Roosterfish can also be taken on the fly on a Costa Rica fishing charter, but doing so is a real accomplishment. Sometimes anglers will get only one shot before the fish retreats to the deep; sometimes they will get three or four. On this level, the quest for roosterfish is the fly-fishing equivalent of the Olympic biathlon, in which competitors cross-country ski from target to target, pausing briefly to take aim at the bull’s-eye.

All in all, Roosterfish are a light-tackle angler’s dream. Like all fish in the Jack family they fight hard, and will give anglers who fish Costa Rica a great run for the money. However, unlike some Jack, they do not generally go into the rocks, even though they often live in rocky areas. So you can land some pretty big Roosterfish on fairly light tackle.

Book an experienced Costa Rica sportfishing captain

In every important Costa Rica fishing destination, from Golfito and Puerto Jiménez in the South Pacific; through Pez Vela and Los Sueños marinas, and Tambor in the Gulf of Nicoya in the Central Pacific, through Tamarindo and Flamingo in the North Pacific, there are captains/guides considered top Roosterfish anglers on both conventional light and fly fishing tackle.

Costa Rica Charters for Roosterfish

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