Fishing Los suenos marina on Costa Ricas central pacific coast.

Fishing Los Suenos Sportfishing Charters & Marina

Located along the picturesque Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Fishing Los Sueños Marina stands as a beacon for avid anglers worldwide. Over the past two decades, it has evolved from a humble local fishing village into one of the globe’s most renowned charter sportfishing marinas.

Los Suenos Marina sportfishing capital of costa rica.

Unparalleled Fishing Opportunities

Embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure amidst the pristine waters of Herradura Bay, just a short 75-minute drive from San José. The marina boasts a fleet of international-class tournament captains, ensuring unparalleled fishing experiences for enthusiasts of all levels.

Luxury Accommodations and Amenities Nestled within the Los Sueños complex, the full-service charter and private marina offer luxury accommodations at the esteemed Los Sueños Marriott Hotel. Immerse yourself in comfort and convenience as you prepare for your angling expedition.

World-Class Billfishery

Fishing for billffish offshore in los suenos, peaks during this time of year.

Explore the vibrant ecosystem of Los Sueños, often hailed as the world’s number one Billfishery. From January to April, the waters teem with billfish, including sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, and striped marlin. Don’t miss the renowned Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament, held annually during this peak season.

Abundant Offshore and Inshore Species

Venture offshore to the Ventiseis, a renowned sea hump that serves as a magnet for a diverse range of species. From yellowfin tuna to dorado (mahimahi), the waters offer year-round opportunities for thrilling catches. Inshore, anglers can reel in prized species like snapper and grouper, ensuring excitement for every fishing enthusiast.

Roosterfish can be caught inshore fishing los suenos area and marina of Costa Rica.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

As stewards of the ocean, we prioritize sustainable fishing practices to ensure the preservation of our marine ecosystems. Remember to practice catch-and-release for large snapper and grouper females, contributing to the long-term health of our fishing stock.

Join us at Fishing Los Sueños Marina and embark on a fishing expedition like no other. Book your adventure today and experience the thrill of angling amidst Costa Rica’s breathtaking coastal beauty.