Fish for Mojarra while visiting Costa Rica.


Mojarra are a freshwater game fish that anglers who fish Costa Rica can catch on light tackle. They are much like Panfish in the United States.

See Which Charters Target Mojarra in Costa Rica

Mojarra decent fighters for their size, but they do not get very big. Anglers on Costa Rica fishing trips will find Mojarra in rivers and lagoons among vegetation and in and around submerged logs and other cover.

Larger Mojarra make for good eating

Larger mojarra make a great eating fish.Their diet consists of small fish, crustaceans and insects. Mojarra are a tasty fish, but you have to catch a fairly large one to make it worthwhile putting it in a pan.

The best area for Mojarra fishing in Costa Rica are the lagoons, rivers and canals of the Caribbean coast near the Nicaraguan border, from the Parismina River north to Barra del Colorado and the Río San Juan. If you are river and lagoon fishing on lighter tackle, it is not uncommon to catch Mojarra, Machaca, Guapote and Snook during the same fishing day.

Mojarra fishing best on the Caribbean coast

Caribbean coast Mojarra fishing in Costa Rica is best between April and June, and then from September through December and even January depending on weather conditions and water levels. Mojarra like clear water. When it rains and the water gets cloudy, they are slow to bite. Mojarra are curious creatures, and will nip at anything that comes along to see how it might taste.

Anglers on Costa Rican sport fishing charters should be able to catch any Mojarra on 2lb test on an ultra-lite spinning rod. However, Mojarra fishing is best on 4-6lb test if fishing heavy cover, which is quite often. The hooks should be small, because even the larger Mojarra have very small mouths.

Catch Mojarra with lures and bait

While fishing for Mojarra it is best to use bait, but lures are also an option. Mojarra are best caught on bait, but anglers who go Mojarra fishing in Costa Rica might experiment with lures as well. You could use crankballs such as a floating Rapala, cast it out beside some promising looking cover, let it rest for a bit, and then give it a twitch to make it dive down a few inches, and then float up again. This is much like a topwater popper that will also work.

Anglers on Costa Rica fishing charters can also experiment with small rubber jigs. The jigs can be suspended in front of Mojarra, and they will often get a curiosity bite.

Even a worm might get you a Mojarra

Small freshwater shrimp, which can often be found under floats mats of plants where Mojarra live, work extremely well as baits. Anglers might even be tempted to use small minnows and worms as baits for Mojarra fishing.

Fly fishing enthusiasts can try small poppers on ultra-lite. Mojarra will attack small poppers cast into the shoreline and twitched back towards the boat.


The best place to catch Mojarra is on the carribean coast of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Charters for Mojarra

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