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Several species of the Jack family inhabit Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coast inshore waters all year round. Anglers who fish Costa Rica inshore will encounter Jack Crevalle, Horse-Eye Jack, Almaco Jack, Trevally Jack, African Pompano and, of course, Amberjack at almost any moment.

Jack give Costa Rica fishing enthusiasts a great fight

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Many species of Jack Fish can be caught in Costa Rica.Jack Crevalle are silver with a yellowish belly, and have a black spot on the gill cover and a black spot at the base of each pectoral fin. Anglers on Costa Rican sportfishing vacations will find Jack Crevalle in the five to 30-pund rage. Jack Crevalle, Horse-Eye Jack and Trevally Jack – all members of the Jack family, for that matter – are tough fighters, especially on light tackle. Anglers on Costa Rica fishing charters can catch them on live bait, jigs, poppers and lures. Most will be thrown back; they are not usually considered good eating, although local Costa Rican fishermen might keep the smaller Jack Crevalle for soups and a meal.

Amberjack, one of the most common Jack species found on Costa Rica sport fishing charters, is a member of the Tuna family. It is a strong and extremely tough fighting fish. A favorite for anglers who want to do some inshore Costa Rica fishing, Amberjack is a heavily-built torpedo-shaped fishing that tend to be a deep maroon color. They can grow to more than 100 pounds.

Jack inhabit all Costa Rica inshore waters

Amberjack live around wrecks and rocky structures, and usually run for cover when hooked. To catch them, anglers who fish Costa Rica inshore waters can use several different techniques: live baiting, dead bait and jigging.

Although the darker areas of the flesh can be quite fishy tasting for many people, when Amberjack is on the menu at Seafood restaurants, it will usually be grilled or ‘a la parilla’, but often used in soups as well.

African Pompano a rarer Costa Rica fishing treat

Fishing trips where you catch jack fish.Another but less common member of the Jack family is the African Pompano, which anglers who fish Costa Rica’s South Pacific waters around Golfito, Puerto Jiménez and Drake might encounter. They are a striking but somewhat mysterious fish, a bright silver color, and look like shimmering mirrors in the water and anglers who fish Costa Rica inshore pull them in. When they are juveniles, African Pompano have long trailing filaments that come off their dorsal and anal fins, but as they grow older, these filaments gradually disappear.

Like all members of the Jack family, African Pompano pull very hard for their size, and will give anglers on Costa Rica fishing charters a great fight. Boating them is a bonus; unlike many other members of the Jack family, African Pompano are rather tasty.


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