Wahoo fiishing in and around Costa RicaWAHOO

Wahoo are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. These beautiful silver, torpedo-shaped fish with iridescent blue vertical stripes – and powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth as well – can reach bursts of almost 70 miles an hour. They are also among the candidates for the tastiest fish in the sea.

See Which Charters Target Wahoo in Costa Rica

Catching a Wahoo is often a welcome surprise. Because they are so elusive, their white, delicate meat is a true gourmet’s delight, especially when just boated and immediately fileted for sashimi. Anglers who fish Costa Rica will find this prized gamefish all along the Pacific Coast, and every so often on the Caribbean side.

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Less common offshore Costa Rica fishing species.

Fishing for Wahoo and other species while chartering a boat in Costa RicaThe Wahoo is a loner; if it does travel with others, the group usually totals six maximum.Catching more than one on a day’s charter is a surprising and welcome bonus. It is one of the less common offshore species caught fishing in Costa Rica, because Wahoo are toothy fish that need a wire leader, and most Costa Rica sportfishing charter boats going offshore pull non-filament leaders intended for billfish, When hooked, the first scorching run can burn out the drag on some reels, so be prepared! Anglers on offshore Costa Rica fishing adventures who want to specifically target Wahoo will find trolling with live bait or subsurface lures in waters about 250ft deep best; they often seem to hang around the bottom, and then attack surface or subsurface lures with a vengeance. But be sure to have a wire leader on, or they will bite right through you.

A Wahoo run can burn out your reel

Wahoo fishing trip while visiting Costa RicaAnglers who fish Costa Rica will find catching Wahoo a challenge. They are an offshore, migratory species, but are often found near reefs and sea humps. Their speed and teeth let Wahoo catch and eat just about everything they want. Although they rarely jump, once hooked, a Wahoo will let the angler on a Costa Rican sport fishing charter know immediately: their screaming runs can burn out your reel.

Fish Costa Rica and see a Wahoo

Wahoo can reach up to 100lbs. Those caught by anglers enjoying a Costa Rican fishing vacation are usually in the 20-35lb range, but anglers might see some 50lb Wahoo as well. The older, more mature Wahoo tend to be thicker around the mid-section, which means more meat for the boat.

A Monstorous Wahoo caught of the coast of Costa RicaWahoo don’t play by anyone’s rules

A lot of Wahoo are caught offshore when anglers who fish Costa Rica troll for Sailfish and Dorado. Wahoo can be caught every month of the year, but most anglers on Costa Rica sportfishing charters will see them in the green season months of May-October nearer to inshore rock piles and reefs, and also in crystal-clear cobalt-blue water between January and April during the billfish season.

Costa Rica Charters for Wahoo

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