In the Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, Puerto Limón boasts a rich tapestry of Afro-Caribbean culture and history. As one of the oldest settlements on the continent, Limón offers a fascinating glimpse into its storied past, shaped by waves of African, Jamaican, Chinese, and Italian influences.

Immerse Yourself in Afro-Caribbean Traditions

While in Limon, charter a fishing trip.

Experience the vibrant ambiance of Limón’s annual Afro-Caribbean carnival, a celebration of music, dance, and community spirit. Delve into the city’s unique Afro-Caribbean atmosphere, where colorful street markets and lively cultural events await.

A Gateway to Adventure

If your on a curise, you can organize a fishing trip in Limon for the day.

While Limón may not be a traditional fishing destination, its bustling port serves as a gateway to the pristine waters of Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado. Cruise passengers stopping over in Limón can seize the opportunity to embark on a memorable fishing excursion, exploring the bountiful marine life of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

Chart Your Course

Upon docking in Limón, cruise passengers can connect with local fishing captains offering inshore expeditions along the picturesque coastline. Negotiate with experienced captains for a tailored fishing experience, targeting a variety of prized species including Snapper, Dorado, Corvina, and Jack.

Create Unforgettable Memories

These two youngsters had the time of their lives catching yellowfin tuna

Whether bargaining with local captains or casting lines amidst Limón’s scenic waters, embrace the spirit of adventure and discovery. Make the most of your one-day stopover in Limón, savoring every moment of your Costa Rican fishing escapade.