manuel antonio fishing national park

Where Adventure Meets Serenity in Costa Rica’s Coastal Paradise

Manuel Antonio, nestled on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, stands as the country’s premier tourist destination. Approximately 20% of all travelers to Costa Rica either spend a day or more exploring the wonders of Manuel Antonio or delve into the neighboring town of Quepos, seamlessly connected to Manuel Antonio via the ridge. This region is renowned for the world-famous Manuel Antonio National Park, a captivating haven boasting some of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems.

Explore Manuel Antonio’s Untamed Beauty

Embark on a sportfishing escapade in Manuel Antonio, where your journey begins with a rendezvous at the mesmerizing Manuel Antonio National Park. Spanning 1,700 acres of land and an additional 136,000 acres of ocean, this natural sanctuary boasts lush tropical cloud forests, serene lagoons, thriving mangroves, and pristine white sandy beaches. Encounter captivating wildlife, including white-faced Titi and Howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and the elusive Squirrel monkey, which calls the park its home.

Experience the Vibrancy of Manuel Antonio

Sportfishing charters in the Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Manuel Antonio, a town wholly reliant on the tourism industry. Discover a plethora of accommodations ranging from luxurious four-star hotels to cozy hostels, alongside an array of restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, and bustling bars. Browse through charming tourist boutiques, all catering to a diverse global audience.

Convenient Access

Accessible from San José, Manuel Antonio is just a scenic two-and-a-half-hour drive away or a swift 25-minute commuter flight aboard Sansa or Nature Air.

Quepos: The Heart of Manuel Antonio Fishing

Sportfishing in Manuel Antonio is really more about Quepos fishing in Costa Rica.

While often referred to as Manuel Antonio fishing, the true epicenter lies in Quepos. Angling enthusiasts flock to the renowned Pez Vela Marina in Quepos, a mere 10-minute taxi ride from most Manuel Antonio accommodations. Boasting a premier fleet of fishing charters and seasoned captains, Quepos sets the stage for unforgettable Costa Rican sportfishing adventures.

Seasonal Delights

Fish for Marlin in Quepos and Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio’s fishing seasons align with the rhythms of the Central Pacific coast. Experience peak fishing thrills between December and April, ideal for billfish enthusiasts. Witness the Yellowfin Tuna spectacle from July to September, followed by Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) delights between July and October.

Inshore Marvels

Delve into inshore Manuel Antonio fishing and discover a treasure trove of marine wonders. From Roosterfish to Snapper varieties, Grouper, Snook, and Mackerel, indulge in thrilling encounters just off the coast.