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Experience the thrill of Papagayo fishing charters amidst the stunning beauty of Costa Rica’s Gulf of Papagayo. For over a quarter of a century, local captains have been offering exhilarating fishing adventures from renowned tourist destinations like Ocotal Beach, Playas del Coco, and Playa Hermosa.

Discover Legendary Fishing Experiences

Sport fishing charters available in Papgayo Costa Rica

Step aboard legendary vessels like the Predator, captained by the esteemed Don King, and explore the abundant waters of the Gulf of Papagayo. With the emergence of upscale hotels and the prestigious Papagayo Marina, fishing enthusiasts can now access top-notch charters and luxurious amenities along the picturesque Papagayo coast.

Cast Your Line for Big Game Fish

Set your sights on offshore giants like Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna as you embark on thrilling Papagayo fishing expeditions. Venture offshore to the Catalina Islands or explore inshore hotspots teeming with Roosterfish, Snapper, Jack, and Grouper, all within easy reach from Papagayo Marina.

Experience Year-Round Fishing Excitement

Charter a boat today and explore the waters surrounding the Papagayo area.

Whether you’re visiting during the windy or green season, Papagayo offers year-round fishing excitement. Plan your trip between April and December for optimal conditions and prime fishing opportunities. Witness the peak billfish season in late July and August, followed by exciting Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado bites throughout the season.

Extend Your Fishing Adventure to Tamarindo

Papagayo sport fishing adventures and tours

For anglers seeking additional opportunities, consider extending your adventure to Tamarindo from January to April. While it may require a short journey by car, Tamarindo offers exceptional fishing experiences with reduced risk of cancellations, ensuring a memorable Costa Rican sportfishing experience.

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