Caribbean tarpon fishing

Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica lures anglers to the Caribbean coast

Tarpon enthusiasts take note! From mid-September until mid-January, off Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, you will encounter some of the best Tarpon fishing anywhere. Book your Caribbean fishing vacation now! Pound-for-pound, Tarpon are the toughest gamefish in the ocean. These majestic prehistoric relics are also some of the oldest creatures on Earth. Tarpon have been around…

Tarpon enthusiasts take note! From mid-September until mid-January, off Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, you will encounter some of the best Tarpon fishing anywhere. Book your Caribbean fishing vacation now!

Pound-for-pound, Tarpon are the toughest gamefish in the ocean. These majestic prehistoric relics are also some of the oldest creatures on Earth. Tarpon have been around for about 100 million years. The only comparable Costa Rica gamefish is the Marlin.

Costa Rica is world-famous for Tarpon Fishing

. Anglers who fish Costa Rica will find that boating an 80lb Tarpon is like dragging a 1949 Buick up from the bottom of the ocean. Seeing a Tarpon leap is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Anglers who hook a Tarpon can enjoy a unique Costa Rica sportfishing adventure.

The all-tackle world record Tarpon is a monstrous 286lbs 9oz. Anglers caught it off Guinea-Bissau in Africa on March 20, 2003. An average 100-pound tarpon is about 13 to 16 years old. One female can lay as many as 12 million eggs.

The ‘Silver King’ – nicknamed for their majestic appearance, size and color – are found mainly in shallow coastal waters and estuaries. Tarpon also inhabit open marine waters. In addition, in Costa Rica, you can even catch them in freshwater lakes, rivers, lagoons and canals.

Caribbean fishing Tarpon season begins soon

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast near the San Juan River and the border with Nicaragua at its northern extreme offers all of the above characteristics. This is why it is one of the world’s most popular Tarpon destinations. Every year, hundreds of anglers from around the world travel to the Tortuguero/Barra del Colorado/Rio San Juan area. It is where they fish Costa Rica and engage in battle with this majestic gamefish.

The peak Tarpon fishing season in Costa Rica begins in mid-September, and continues through January. A short 25-minute early morning commuter flight or private charter takes you to Tortuguero.

FishCostaRica offers all-inclusive Caribbean tarpon fishing packages

Costa Rican fishing packages for Tarpon are all-inclusive. FishCostaRica will also tailor multi-day Caribbean fishing packages for Tarpon to your exact specifications and preferences.

For Caribbean fishing, FishCostaRica will hook you up with Captain Eddie Brown. Eddie is Costa Rica’s top Tarpon fisherman/guide. In addition, Eddie is a native of those parts. He hails from Tortuguero. He has been guiding anglers on Costa Rican sport fishing trips through the area for 40 years.

Tarpon fishing with Captain Eddie Brown

Eddie is waiting for you up in Tortuguero to go after the big Silver King. He has a 22ft open Sportfisherman called the Bull Shark. The Bull Shark is powerful enough to get you out into the ocean. It can also fish the shallower Caribbean lagoons and canals.

If the Tarpon are there, Eddie Brown will find them. Hook one, and you will experience the battle of a lifetime. Eddie will mainly fish Tarpon on conventional tackle. Jigging about 250-500 yards off the coast is best when the weather is right.

However, if you also want to try catching Tarpon on the fly, Eddie can guide you as well. Anglers who intend to experiment with Caribbean fly fishing in Costa Rica should bring their own gear and flies. Before you travel, Eddie will tell you what reels, weights and flies are best.

Snook fishing and more Caribbean gamefish

In addition, once your arms are weary from fighting and boating Tarpon, you can target other popular Costa Rican game fish. There is also that anglers on Caribbean fishing trips can enjoy. Furthermore, the Snook fishing season coincides with the Tarpon season.

Also, there is a smaller and very tasty Snook species locally called Calba (Fat Snook). Calba seldom reach more than 3-4lbs. They run in November/December. When the Calba run is at its peak, 30-50 a day is not unusual.

There are also more Costa Rica gamefish as well. Guapote (Rainbow Bass), Machaca, Mojarra and Gar (Needlefish) are Caribbean fishing targets. The first three are exotic feisty, freshwater Caribbean species.

Fish Nicaragua at Rio Indio Lodge

Another Caribbean Tarpon destination quickly gaining in popularity is Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua. Rio Indio Lodge is located just across the San Juan River. The easiest and fastest way anglers can get there is from San José. So Rio Indio Lodge is more or less a Costa Rica fishing destination.

Rio Indio is magical; the lodge is situated amid stunning natural beauty. Experienced indigenous Rama nation Caribbean fishing guides will take you out into the ocean for Tarpon. But more often, they will guide you through the exotic Tarpon and Snook-infested canals and lagoons.

You might also fish where no person has ever fished before.  The Rama guides are discovering new lakes and canals in the Rio Indio area all the time.

Combine Caribbean fishing with Pacific coast fishing

FishCostaRica offers basic five-day all-inclusive Tarpon and Snook packages to Rio Indio Lodge for under $3,000.00 per angler. They include first-night accommodation in San José, 30-minute round-trip charter flights, and three full days of fishing. In addition, all meals at Rio Indio Lodge, rum bar, and transfers are included.

Even better, Rio Indio Lodge packages, as with travel to Tortuguero to fish with Captain Eddie Brown, can be expanded. Caribbean fishing packages can be combined with Costa Rica fishing trips to the Pacific coast.

Tarpon Fishing and Snook on the Caribbean with Eddie Brown, or at Rio Indio Lodge. Enjoy a unique Costa Rica fishing experience. Call FishCostaRica for more details. Then extend your Costa Rica sportfishing adventure to the Pacific. It doesn’t matter where: South Pacific, Central Pacific, or North Pacific. Enjoy Pacific coast fishing with Costa Rica’s top charter captains.

On the Pacific, , Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna. Then enjoy Costa Rican sport fishing inshore action for Roosterfish, Snapper and Grouper.

Latest Costa Rica fishing news

To round up, here is some of the latest Costa Rica sportfishing action. Up in Flamingo, in the North Pacific, Captain Skeet Warren on the 42ft Bushwacker, released a Blue Marlin and three Sailfish.

Another Flamingo fishing captain – Junior Bustos on the 31ft Gamefisher II – released this 300lb Black Marlin, and a Sailfish. Anglers also boated a Yellowfin Tuna for dinner.

Captain Brent Moyer on the 58ft Chaser out of Herradura Bay, released four Sailfish. In addition, the anglers enjoying Herradura fishing on the Chaser caught four Dorado. They boated a Yellowfin Tuna for dinner as well as they fished the Central Pacific coast.

Next door, out of Los Sueños Marina, Captain Esteban Marcos, 36ft Good Day Too, released five Sailfish. Another Los Sueños fishing boat, the 36ft Hoo’s Your Daddy, had a fine day. Captain Dana Thomas released five Sailfish and went 1-3 on Blue Marlin. Anglers on the Costa Rica fishing charter with Dana also boated three Yellowfin Tuna.

, and to book your Costa Rica fishing vacation, call FishCostaRica. We have been the most respected name in Costa Rica fishing for more than a quarter century.

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