Charter a trip for fishing the Golfito Area of Costa Rica

Fishing the South Pacific: Golfito, Puerto Jiemenez, Drake Bay

Explore the vibrant fishing destinations of Golfito, Puerto Jiménez, and Drake Bay on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast, where thrilling offshore pursuits and captivating inshore adventures await anglers of all levels.

Charter a trip for fishing the Golfito Area of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing

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    Golfito, situated on the eastern shore of Golfo Dulce, Puerto Jiménez on the opposite side, and Drake Bay atop the Osa Peninsula form the vibrant heart of Costa Rica’s southern fishing region. These coastal hubs offer a diverse array of angling opportunities, from thrilling offshore pursuits to captivating inshore adventures.

    Offshore Excitement:

    During peak season, anglers can target majestic sails and formidable marlin in the open waters. Closer to shore, an abundance of excitement awaits with the chance to reel in thrilling roosterfish, energetic mackerel, robust amberjack, lightning-fast wahoo, and impressive snapper species.

    Inshore Bounty:

    Within the tranquil waters of Golfo Dulce, anglers can enjoy the challenge of light tackle fishing, targeting a variety of species such as barracuda, snapper, mackerel, sea bass, and the occasional snook among the secluded coves and rocky outcrops. Near Cabo Matapalo, the inshore action heats up with encounters with sails, marlin, tuna, and other prized blue water species. Renowned for its exceptional inshore fishing, this area boasts remarkable catches including massive roosterfish, powerful wahoo, formidable grouper, agile jack, predatory barracuda, and trophy-sized Pacific cubera snapper.

    Sport fishing for Marlin is every anglers dream in Costa Rica
    Sport fishing for Marlin is every anglers dream in Costa Rica

    Key Seasons and Species:

    • Marlin: August through December marks the peak season, but these majestic creatures can be encountered throughout the year in warm waters.
    • Sailfish: While sailfish are present year-round, the best opportunities arise from mid to late May through July, as well as in January and February before their migration northward.
    • Roosterfish: Celebrated for its trophy-sized specimens, roosterfish can be pursued virtually year-round.
    • Dorado: Prime dorado fishing occurs from late May to October, especially along weed lines during periods of river runoff.
    • Tuna: Yellowfin tuna, including impressive specimens exceeding 100 pounds, are most abundant during the marlin and sailfish season, although opportunities for catches up to 30 pounds exist year-round.
    • Wahoo: With a presence throughout the year, wahoo can be targeted while trolling offshore for billfish or near reefs off Cabo Matapalo.
    • Snook: The prime seasons for snook fishing typically span from March through May and September through November, offering opportunities to land sizable specimens.
    Fish for Yellow Fin Tuna while in Costa Rica
    Fish for Yellow Fin Tuna while in Costa Rica

    Embark on Your Costa Rica Fishing Adventure:

    Whether you’re a seasoned angler seeking the thrill of big game fishing or a novice eager to experience the rich marine diversity of Costa Rica’s southern coast, Golfito, Puerto Jiménez, and Drake Bay promise an unforgettable angling experience year-round.

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