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Costa Rica Pro Tips and Hints

For most people, a first visit to another country is a real adventure. People speak a different language. There is a different currency. The cuisine is not the same. There are cultural differences. For instance, Costa Ricans outside the sportfishing industry are less inclined to be as punctual as people coming from the USA, Canada and Europe are accustomed to.

The working day in Costa Rica begins quite a bit earlier. People here play music a lot louder than some of us might like. Costa Ricans’ driving habits and behavior behind the wheel can often be quite jarring and annoying. Privacy is less insisted on. A perfect stranger here might ask you personal questions 10 minutes after you met that only long-time acquaintances at home would dare. Costa Ricans are crazy about fútbol – not US college or NFL football, but soccer, as it is called in the USA and Canada.

So when you come to fish Costa Rica, these tips and bits of info will help bridge some of the gaps. Get our complete information package by filling out the form below. And if you have a specific question or are looking for information that we didn’t cover or missed, call or contact us. We will be pleased to answer you directly.

These are just a few of our hints and info for everyone planning and embarking on an exciting Costa Rica sportfishing adventure:

You will probably get by with English. A lot of Costa Ricans, especially young people, speak English. In the sportfishing and tourist industry, virtually everyone does.

Travel light, especially if you are taking commuter or charter flights while in Costa Rica.

Don’t bring anything too valuable, like heavy gold chains, Rolex watches or gold-filled fountain pens. Keep it simple….

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